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Zambrero is an Australian quick service restaurant franchise that sells healthy Mexican food to support its humanitarian projects in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

We developed a brand and social media strategy to help them increase brand awareness and sales.

Researching Zambrero’s audience and competitors, we found that Zambrero had a different and highly unique voice when it came to Mexican food. We developed a social strategy for them with the leading statement “Mexican Taken Seriously”, backed by their mission to donate meals to those in need through their Plate4Plate initiative. By breaking away from pre-existing perceptions around how other Mexican restaurants communicate with their audience, Zambrero is able to stand out from the white noise of the social landscape.

Zambrero’s customers are people who love Mexican food, but who also care deeply about what they eat. They have a social conscience and want to help those in need. We found that Zambrero has a unique partnership with their customers which allows them to be involved in the brand and its humanitarian causes, even allowing them to choose where their donation will go.

Zambrero is “Mexican with a Mission”. They have real substance and a bigger, worldly purpose. We want their voice to be heard so more people can start contributing towards a solution for world hunger by eating at Zambrero.

With this in mind, we set out to engage Zambrero’s audience on a human level and tell stories from a more personal, emotional driven narrative. We use real people, Zambrero’s team members and customers to tell that story. We shifted their existing designs to bigger, bolder and more colourful imagery, making sure to still stand out from their competitors.

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